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NPK 12-12-36

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NPK 12-12-36

12-12-36 zagross is a high potash soluble NPK fertilizer to enhance the growth and quality of plants. The use of high potash fertilizer leads the plants to desired quality, uniformity and coloring of their products. 12-12-36 Zagross contains iron, zinc, copper, manganese, molybdenum and boron as well. In order to increase the absorption and increase the tolerance of the plant against a variety of environmental stresses, amino acids have been introduced as an improver in the composition of this fertilizer. Due to the fact that there is no chlorine in this fertilizer combinations, there is not toxicity and chlorine burning and is also suitable for saline soils.

Advantages :

    - Water-soluble and usable as foliar spray and in all irrigation systems

    - Increases leaf and root absorption due to amino acid presence

    - Contains micronutrient elements as EDTA chelate

    - Increases biotic and abiotic resistance of plants

    - Increases flowering and fruit set

Composition :

     Macro elements (%) :




12 12 36

     Micro elements (ppm) :







Amino Acids

1200 900 300 300 200 50 8000

How to use :

     Foliar spray :

Plant types



Field crops 2 times in growing stage 2-3 kg/ha
Fruit trees 3 times in growing stage 3 kg per 1000 L of water
Leafy vegetables 3 times in growing stage 2 kg per 1000 L of water
Fruit vegetables 3 times in growing stage 3 kg/ha
Ornamental plant 4 times in growing stage 2 kg per 1000 L of water

     Soil application :

Plant types



Field crops 2 leaves stage and after stem elongation 5-10 kg/ha
Fruit trees Swelling of buds and after fruit set 7-12 kg/ha
Leafy vegetables 2 week after cultivation 10-15 kg/ha
Fruit vegetables 2 week after transplant 10-15 kg/ha
Ornamental plant Before blooming 8-10 kg/ha

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