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Micromix Zagross

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Due to calcareous condition of soils in Iran, the bioavailability of micronutrients is quite low. Trace elements are essential in order to obtain maximum plant growth. Micromix is a fine powder fertilizer that includes micronutrients and secondary nutrients as well. This product is a good comprehensive supplement delivering micronutrients to plants in a quick way.

The use of these fertilizers is strongly recommended in field crops, orchards and greenhouse. Due to high solubility, Micromix Zagross is appropriate to be used for foliar and fertigation application.

Advantages :

    - Stimulates enzyme and hormone synthesis in the plant

    - Resists the plants against biotic and abiotic stresses

    - Prevents and corrects micronutrient deficiencies

    - Improves crop yield and quality

Composition (w/w%) :








7 7 5.2 5 5 1 40

How to use :

Plant types

Rate (soil application)

Rate (foliar spray)


Cereals 7-10 kg/ha 3-5 kg/ha 3-4 leaves stage and stem elongation
Fruit trees 10 kg/ha 2-3 kg per 1000 L of water In winter and after fruit set
Pistachio 15-20 kg/ha 2-4 kg per 1000 L of water In winter and after fruit set
Citrus 15-20 kg/ha 3 kg per 1000 L of water In winter and after fruit set
Vegetables 7-10 kg/ha 2-3 kg/ha Beginning of growth stage and before blooming
Greenhouse plants 5 kg/ha 2 kg/ha Before blooming and one month later

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